Sprite multiplexer and more

I finally finished my proof of concept for a zone split sprite multiplexer in order to use with my SPUTM-like demo.

It is a very basic implementation but it required quite some time because I’m not convinced that I am going down the right path using 10 sprites for Guybrush. It’s not the number per se that puts me off, it’s the fact that clipping 10 sprites would take quite some time, especially if I want to keep the code generic instead of assuming that in each zone the sprites overlap perfectly (that’s the case with my design).

I’ll take a break from this as I think I am not making a sensible choice working with 10 sprites. 4 sprites would be still OK, but 10 is really something I am not sure about.

On a different front, I’ve been trying to acquire some Commodore 64 on eBay and I have been constantly outbid. I don’t care running last-second bots and I can’t afford to watch a listing closely for more than the time necessary to identify it as interesting and putting a maximum bid on it.

Therefore, if you’re based in UK, have a stash of Commodore 64 and you’d consider selling one to me for a reasonable price (shall we say 30 GBP for the Computer+PSU+Shipping), I’d be glad to take it as a contribution to my ongoing hardware design and testing activities 🙂

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