Last post of 2016

This time for my last post of the year I decided not to do any recap as that would take too long: I will postpone it to sometime in 2017.

One thing worth mentioning is that I got going pretty well with the Bluetooth module and have even forked Google’s Bluetooth Chat Android example code in order to fix a number of issues. You can follow my fork on GitHub here. For a timeline summary/overview, I find the Network Graph quite useful.

Right, so before signing off I though I should drop a few lines also on the retro-development I am planning: some more C64 peripheral hardware. As I mentioned in an earlier post about insanity, I am going to put together another mass storage solution for the C64 that should be way cheaper and simpler to assemble than USBhost-64 but that looks the very same as the latter to a C64 so that I can reuse all of the drivers I already wrote for it. Another bonus point will be the support for long file names. I am not yet sure about the legal implications involved in reproducing the communication interface the USB host presents to the C64, so I might have to change that to something else but even so it would not be such a hard task. Also a change would be in line with the communication interface unification attempt I am trying to do at the moment. DC2N4-LC and C2NEmu already share the communication interface albeit the firmware implementation of such interface is slightly different as it evolved over time.
Unfortunately I am running short of resources for prototyping so I had to order a few supplies which might take a while to come in the post due to the backlog of the festive season. I shall post updates when I have more in 2017.

I’ll close wishing you all a happy and productive 2017!

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