DC2N4-LC both GUI clients updated

I had a few minutes today after work to also update the GTK+ version of my DC2N4-LC GUI client. The update was actually quite quick. Here’s how the sampling options dialog looks like:

Sampling options dialog in DC2N4-LC GTK+ GUI client

Sampling options dialog in DC2N4-LC GTK+ GUI client

Again, this version exposes all dumping modes, which covers the needs of any 8-bit tape format I am aware of, so it’s a happy day for preservation purposes.

I am currently testing both GUI clients (the Windows native one and this one based on GTK+) and while doing so I also updated the parser in my DC2N4-LC firmware to the latest version I developed as part of my framework. As I was at it I also updated the parser in C2NEmu and in the DC2N4-LC firmware that runs on DC2N version 1 hardware. About the latter I was doing some testing yesterday and despite there seem to be some occasional corruption of commands sent to the DC2N’s serial port, the data coming out of it seems to be doing so in a reliable way: I dumped Turrican twice yesterday without any issue whatsoever 🙂

Anyway, back to the DC2N4-LC GUI clients, once they are fully tested I shall make them available to DC2N4-LC owners, along with clear instructions on what those sampling options do and how to tell when they are required.

Stay tuned folks!

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