Crack intro fixing

The Commodore 64 crack intro I fixed today is connected to one of the crack intros I like the most (the one that was written by Roy of Dynamix for North East Importers). The intro I fixed was written by Radar of Arcade: that’s the same person using a different handle. The other connection between these two intros is about the fonts used for text and top and bottom of the play area:

Arcade intro - original version

Arcade intro – original version

The intro written by Radar suffers a number of issues, of which 4 were really annoying, as per below image:

Arcade intro - original version with noted issues

Arcade intro – original version with noted issues

Those issues are:

  1. a bug with the pattern repetition of the background in the play area (top and bottom)
  2. uninitialised color RAM at the top of the logo
  3. flickering on PAL
  4. late screen mode change (the wrong video RAM data is fetched)

I finally found some time to fix those issues within the code and data so here’s how the crack intro looks like in all of its restored beauty  🙂

Arcade intro - fixed

Arcade intro – fixed

There are a couple of gfx glitches (blank lines) within the fonts for the upper border, but I think these are worth keeping: beauty is not about perfection 🙂

Finally, there are graphic elements in memory that are not used in the intro, such as a set of overlaid sprites that read “radar” and a set of sprites meant for showing player lives and score. I will try and figure out whether these were meant to be used or not. It is possible that the intro got messed up during its production and/or a work stage was used instead of the final one. It’s unlikely but worth a look 😉


About Luigi Di Fraia

I am a Senior DevOps Engineer so I get to work with the latest technologies and open-source software. However, in my private time I enjoy retro-computing.
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