TAPClean update: more rewrites

Contrarily to what I had anticipated when I said I’d be rewriting the CHR scanner next, I went on and rewrote the “Hi-Tech” and “Virgin” ones instead. These changes are now part of what I tagged as “v0_34_pre_2”, i.e. version 0.34-pre2.

From a structure perspective these loaders are essentially the same loader with different pulse durations, hence the scanners have essentially the very same code in TAPClean, which I intend to consolidate into a single module in order to prevent code duplication.

I’ll do some more research in order to verify whether the same tape masterer/code was used with different settings. Based on differences in the CBM part and main loader, I shall decide how to handle this one.

About Luigi Di Fraia

I am a Senior DevOps Engineer so I get to work with the latest technologies and open-source software. However, in my private time I enjoy retro-computing.
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