More TAPClean development

Thanks go to SLC and Ziggy72 for this one update. In fact, I was provided with a bunch of titles that use “Visiload T5” and I have therefore added support for this “T variant” of the loader.

As I was at it, I tightened the checks that are performed before some extra logic required by “Narco Police” is executed: prior to this change, false positives could have happened when looking for certain signatures in other titles. Therefore the file name “NARCO POLICE” is now explicitly expected before the ad-hoc logic is invoked.

Finally I refactored a few definitions so that they are now in line with the general convention that is used to distinguish “F variants” (structural file changes) and “T variants” (same file structure but just a different pulse read threshold). This preparation/clarification work is particularly useful in order for me to filter which scanners qualify for the code unification I intend to implement in an attempt to avoid code repetition with “T variants”.

Stay tuned!

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