A few thoughts about IECHost clients

After dinner today I was thinking about the IECHost client applications and I thought: wouldn’t it be cool to also add some browsing capability to these applications? E.g. inspect sector contents after a disk imaging process, extract disk name and ID, export files, etc.? Yeah, that would be cool indeed 🙂

Luckily, a while ago I worked at libd64fs, which is the core component of my D64 browser application as per below:

D64 browser by Luigi Di Fraia

D64 browser

Along with these browsing features libd64fs provides a sector handling function within its API, as per below:

 * Set raw sector contents
 * param 0: pointer to a disk structure as returned by d64_new_disk ()
 * param 1: track where to write to
 * param 2: sector where to write to
 * param 3: pointer to source buffer (ensure 256 bytes of storage were provisioned)
 * return: d64_result_OK on success, d64_result_fail otherwise
d64_write_sector                       (d64disk *d,
                                        unsigned char track,
                                        unsigned char sector,
                                        unsigned char *data);

That’s exactly one abstraction I can reuse to simplify my IECHost client code and make it even easier to maintain 🙂

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