IECHost: warp disk image write progress

This evening I had some time to start trying to write an entire D64 image to a physical disk. The process did not complete as expected as I had some issue when it got on track 6 and before that I had to go through 2 further tuning cycles.

However, what I managed to write to disk and then read back matches the contents of the D64 image I used for testing, so that’s extremely good news 🙂

Instead of taking a short-cut, I decided I need to write a tiny load-test framework to make sure that all data is coming across into the floppy drive RAM as expected. I managed to make a few local tests manually, which helped me to figure out further tuning was necessary, but such approach is way too slow and error prone.
Off the top of my head I have no explanation for this but the success of warp transfer routines towards the floppy drive seem to be dependent on the data that is actually sent so I might have to further tune a few time constants, which at this point is becoming a demanding job indeed :/

Stay tuned!

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