If you missed your chance to buy a DC2N5-LC read on…

To my surprise, this evening I checked on eBay and found out that the display module I used for my first batch of DC2N5-LC is available again, although the price went up by 2 GBP, to a total of 5.41 GBP per display 😦

In order to verify whether or not such module is really compatible with the one I used in my original design, I decided to order 5 pieces. Worst case, I can use these for something else.
If these modules are indeed compatible, I might get a few more DC2N5-LC PCBs manufactured and make a few DC2N5-LC DIY kits available.

I am also still waiting for some feedback from the girls who have a working design for a 3D-printed case for DC2N5-LC: that would probably motivate me to go for a small new batch of devices as I would not need to carve the enclosure myself, which is something I am not looking forward to.

3D-printed DC2N5 enclosure with the device inside by Luigi Di Fraia

3D-printed DC2N5 enclosure with the device inside

If you are interested in knowing how this all is going to go, then do pop back here every now and then for updates or feel free to email me once a month on the subject.

New DC2N5-LC startup info

New DC2N5-LC startup info

I reckon it might take some time before the new displays arrive so I would not set my expectations too high just yet.

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6 Responses to If you missed your chance to buy a DC2N5-LC read on…

  1. pawelriversedge says:

    What about to put DC2N5 into original datasette housing? I saw that someone made this with tapuino. With a small piecie of flair there would be possibility to use original keys and counter. I have around 20 datasettes and most of them has some failures so it wouldn’t be a problem to use one for this trick :). Anyway. DC2N deservers more attention in C64 community. From what I see it’s so much better than tapuino.

    • luigidifraia says:

      Simply put: I feel like DC2N5-LC should have its own identity. To me its sleek look suggests: “I am not yet another Arduino hack fitted in a dead C2N shell”. Besides, the assembly is rather simple in its current form, albeit getting the case carved is quite some work if done manually.

      • pawelriversedge says:

        Of course you are right. So I’d like to have a sticker with logo of DC2N5-LC on case. 🙂 That would make its own identity stronger. 🙂

  2. luigidifraia says:

    I don’t plan to provide cased devices: If I go for another batch, the “Do It Yourself” kit might end up being the only available option.

    • pawelriversedge says:

      My friend actually wrote to me that he would like to buy DC2N with professional case.

      I’m still wonder why DC2N is not so extreme popular. People should scream here for more units.

      I will buy from you DC2N5-LC in the way how it will be available.

      • luigidifraia says:

        OK. Just keep watching this space.
        DC2N version 1 is quite popular. However it’s true: DC2N5-LC is not as sought after despite being better value for money and making both the tape backup and playback experiences quite enjoyable.
        Oh well, it only means less work for me today and one day the few DC2N5-LC devices available might be quite valuable. I got mine and will probably build myself a spare one too 🙂

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