TAPClean 0.34 released!

Ahead of a substantial change within the Visiload scanner, I decided to release TAPClean 0.34.

Not all binaries are available for all supported platforms, but that’s something I will work at in the next few days. Linux and Mac users can either compile the “v0_34” tag by themselves or wait for me to publish binaries for them.

The change to the Visiload scanner is quite substantial because the code now scans CBM files in order to extract initial loading parameters and supports multiple titles on the same tape image even when these use different parameters, including different threshold values.
Once I am finished with this change – I mainly need to replace a lot of legacy code – the Visiload scanner will be the blueprint for a truly comprehensive scanner, due to the support of tape compilations that contain heterogeneous loaders.

As example you can mix Visiload T1 and T2 with very different initial loading parameters on the same tape image and stash some Freeload in between: TAPClean is now able to recognize each part and decode its loading parameters seamlessly.

The initial implementation of the change is available by checking out the “HEAD” or “v0.35-pre1” tag of the code.

Happy days ahead 🙂

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