Tape loader documentation effort started

In order to share comprehensive documentation about the tape loaders I’ve studied so far, including their disassembled and commented code, I decided to start with publishing the details I gathered about the “Mega-save” utility submitted to my attention by Paul Jones.
Paul should be given full credit for having identified the “Mega-save” utility as the mastering tool used to record tapes whose loader was previously referred to as “CHR Loader”. I can’t stress out how important this discovery was in order to reconstruct the history behind this specific loader. A few similar discoveries were made by Paul, and I am sure a few more are yet to be made, so keep up the good work, Paul and all!

That said, the encoding format created by the tool known as “Mega-Save” is documented here.

Bear in mind I am just starting with this effort and therefore I realize it might take a few iterations to get the documentation in perfect shape 🙂

About Luigi Di Fraia

I am a Senior DevOps Engineer so I get to work with the latest technologies and open-source software. However, in my private time I enjoy retro-computing.
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