TAPClean updated

A few weeks back, Pawel brought a couple of tape dumps to my attention, both using a loader very similar to Biturbo, but with a signature, “MMS”, that made him think of MMS, a famous coder from Poland.

I’ve finally added support for such loader in TAPClean 0.38-pre-17. I shall release updated packages in time for Christmas, along with a bundle for TAPClean Front End, as soon as I get a chance to do some more testing.

Stay tuned!

About Luigi Di Fraia

I am a Senior DevOps Engineer so I get to work with the latest technologies and open-source software. However, in my private time I enjoy retro-computing.
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4 Responses to TAPClean updated

  1. V-12 says:

    Awesome news! I will provide you more dumps of other Polish loaders 🙂

  2. cocaybica says:


    I’m for Argentina and I’m trying to recover my C64 old tapes. I’m recording from my old HI-FI cassette deck to Audacity. Then I try to recover the tape removing DC components, normalizing volume, and so. After doing that, the WAV file is converted to TAP using AudioTap for Windows. With my own BASIC tapes, AudioTAP does its job, but with games, with fast loaders, fails. I’m using your TAPCleanFE to try to debug what is happening. For those games I’m getting recognitions of 9%/10% (C64 ROM-TAPE Headers and some C64 ROM TAPE DATA), despite that, a few games are suceffully loaded. If you need any file I can send it to you. I’m reading information about C64 tapes in c64tapes.org and your site that I recently discovered. Thank you.

    • luigidifraia says:

      Two thoughts there: 1) TAPClean might not know the details of the fastloader used in your tapes; 2) TAPClean is very picky when it comes to recognition, so that it’s possible that your TAP files load in an emulator but, although their fastloader is known to TAPClean, the latter won’t recognize any of its data files.
      Ideally you want TAPClean to recognize files and check their integrity, but you should also verify whether you are in a good position when it comes to your files. As example, I’d recommend checking this post: https://luigidifraia.wordpress.com/2018/02/12/blue-bands-and-green-pixels/

  3. nc513 says:

    cocaybica, if you still need help, I’d be happy to take a quick look at some of your .wav or .tap files. Just tell me where I can download them. (I’m one of those crazy tape nerds with years of experience…:P).

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