A number of software updates

Along with officially releasing TAPClean 0.38 on Sourceforge, I made version 0.40 of TAPClean Front End and version 3.4 of the IECHost GUI client available within my Software page.

TAPClean FE: about dialog by Luigi Di Fraia
TAPClean FE: about dialog
IECHost multi-threaded client: about dialog by Luigi Di Fraia
IECHost multi-threaded client: about dialog


About Luigi Di Fraia

I am a Senior DevOps Engineer so I get to work with the latest technologies and open-source software. However, in my private time I enjoy retro-computing.
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7 Responses to A number of software updates

  1. Kim L. says:

    Very nice! Speaking of TAPClean, I was toying with some old turbo tape compilations a couple of days ago. I happened to notice that if the filename in the turbo header is longer than 16 characters, TAPClean will detect the file as an ANIROG TAPE. The parameters -noanirog and -doturbo don’t seem to help, either. That said, I don’t know if such long filenames should have been allowed by the turbo software on the C64 in the first place … 😛

    • Yep, the scanner needs a complete rewrite at some point as it does have an arguably unnecessary requirement on header contents being blank after the 16-char filename. I had to patch such expectation in order to support “Micrus Copy” too, so it’s probably about time to change the code to extend support.

  2. V-12 says:

    Aren’t packages refers stll to 0.38 version?

  3. e5frog says:

    Great job!
    The link for the entire Windows-package says “TAPClean Front End 0.39 for Windows” but when hovering you get: tapcleanfe-0.40-“yada-yada”. Seems only two of the five files under TCFE downloads have a complete link, you need to copy and paste a little to get it working on the other ones – or some relative file link is missing. On my side at least.
    Again – great job, thanks for helping with tape data preservation.

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