DC2N5-LC: 3D printed case for PCB version 1.1

A while ago I shared Nina Richard’s design files of a 3D-printable case for the DC2N5-LC PCB version 1.0.

This evening I was playing around with OpenSCAD and I thought to write a snippet that adapts the above mentioned design to DC2N5-LC PCB version 1.1. Once I finished, this is what it looked like:


    union() {
        import("DC2N5-LC rev 1.0 - Base.stl");

        translate ([-10, 5, 28.5]) cube([10, 10, 2]);
    translate ([-7, 11, 28.5]) linear_extrude(2) circle(2.7);

In short, what the above code does is to fill in the existing hole for the “Reset counter” button and create one a few millimeters further away from the group of buttons for “Up” / “Down” / “Select”.

Here’s what the design looks like once rendered:

DC2N5-LC OpenSCAD snippet to adapt to PCB rev 1.1 by Luigi Di Fraia
DC2N5-LC OpenSCAD snippet to adapt to PCB version 1.1

Although I have not tried to 3D print the final design, I am pretty confident that the resulting case would be a good fit for PCB version 1.1 🙂

Here’s a download link for the updated “Base” part (the “Lid” is the same as the one for PCB version 1.0): download.

About Luigi Di Fraia

I am a Senior DevOps Engineer so I get to work with the latest technologies and open-source software. However, in my private time I enjoy retro-computing.
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3 Responses to DC2N5-LC: 3D printed case for PCB version 1.1

  1. Bacchus says:

    Do you have pointer to a final version of the design with the changes installed?

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