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Windows 10 is a continuous disaster: “Getting Windows ready – Don’t turn off your computer”

Enough of this Windows 10 update nonsense: I am going back to Windows 7 as I can’t wait for Windows 10 to do its stuff while I am trying to use┬ámy PC to do my own stuff ­čÖé

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The difference with Cassette read line on C64 and C16/+4

I’ve commented a few times on this subject but it seems that┬ásome people still find it obscure. Also,┬ásome of those who read my explanation on this seem to periodically forget it, including SLC ­čśŤ Therefore here’s how it works, in … Continue reading

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“Please stop the tape”

I’m seriously going to take a break from computers for a while. It’s a bit too much when you’re stuck in front of a monitor due to your job and as part of your hobby. Drive safe┬ápeople!

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SPUTM-like interpreter update

After finishing┬áversion 4 of the walking frames for Guybrush, I thought to lay down the list of things I want to do, in the order I plan to do┬áthem: a point-to-point demo in which Guybrush walks from his current position … Continue reading

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One more DC2N3 sold

So only 4 of them are available. If interested in a DC2N3, order one┬ábefore they’re gone ­čÖé

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More Last Ninja 2 cheating

Almost exactly one year ago I published a POKE to make enemies slower for LN2 level 1. The side-effect of such POKE was that enemies would be more likely to throw shurikens to Armakuni after an evasive action. Well, it’s … Continue reading

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Easter update

It’s been a while so I am writing a few lines before Easter about what’s going on. I’ve been quite busy at work recently but I managed to finish some work which should soon be published on CSDb and I … Continue reading

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