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Party shortcuts

Ahead of X’2018 I’ve been registering a few TinyURL entries as per below: Have fun spreading if you would like to 🙂

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Slowly getting there

Happy new year all! I have been back from holidays for a few days now but I have been experiencing a slowdown of my development/tinkering PC (the one that still runs Windows XP). Initially it even had issues recognizing the … Continue reading

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C2N Emulator GUI client update

I made another update to the C2NEmu GUI playback client in order to further improve user experience. Overall I would say I am happy with the user interface but I should plan a partial rewrite using a multi-threaded model as … Continue reading

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Kernal “patch” in the IECHost firmware

This evening I was contemplating the idea of adding a “disk certification” option in IECHost, as per Inside Commodore DOS – program on page 91, which uses direct access programming, including job execution. I was admiring how beautifully error checking is … Continue reading

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Thinking about adding DokuWiki to my website

This evening I had a thought about it and decided to also use DokuWiki on my own website. I’ve used it at and I reckon it would be a good fit in order to consolidate and publish the information I have put … Continue reading

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New website coming

In order to make my website easier to maintain, I decided to base it on WordPress. I will be keeping this blog separate, at least for now, but I will be moving some information from here to there in the next few … Continue reading

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Windows 10 is a continuous disaster: “Getting Windows ready – Don’t turn off your computer”

Enough of this Windows 10 update nonsense: I am going back to Windows 7 as I can’t wait for Windows 10 to do its stuff while I am trying to use my PC to do my own stuff 🙂

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