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Thinking about adding DokuWiki to my website

This evening I had a thought about it and decided to also use DokuWiki on my own website. I’ve used it at and I reckon it would be a good fit in order to consolidate and publish the information I have put … Continue reading

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New website coming

In order to make my website easier to maintain, I decided to base it on WordPress. I will be keeping this blog separate, at least for now, but I will be moving some information from here to there in the next few … Continue reading

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Windows 10 is a continuous disaster: “Getting Windows ready – Don’t turn off your computer”

Enough of this Windows 10 update nonsense: I am going back to Windows 7 as I can’t wait for Windows 10 to do its stuff while I am trying to use my PC to do my own stuff 🙂

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The difference with Cassette read line on C64 and C16/+4

I’ve commented a few times on this subject but it seems that some people still find it obscure. Also, some of those who read my explanation on this seem to periodically forget it, including SLC 😛 Therefore here’s how it works, in … Continue reading

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“Please stop the tape”

I’m seriously going to take a break from computers for a while. It’s a bit too much when you’re stuck in front of a monitor due to your job and as part of your hobby. Drive safe people!

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SPUTM-like interpreter update

After finishing version 4 of the walking frames for Guybrush, I thought to lay down the list of things I want to do, in the order I plan to do them: a point-to-point demo in which Guybrush walks from his current position … Continue reading

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One more DC2N3 sold

So only 4 of them are available. If interested in a DC2N3, order one before they’re gone 🙂

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