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STM32F103C8T6 Minimum System Development Board Module – More Shenanigans

For years I used to buy the so called “STM32F103C8T6 Minimum System Development Board Module” on eBay and had no issues with it. However, I recently made an order and I am frustrated to say that it seems Chinese manufacturers … Continue reading

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Uploading code to the Arduino Mega 2560 using avrdude

In the hope that this might be useful to someone else, I am publishing here the command that did the job for me (through the COM9 port) when I was trying to help a colleague at work today: avrdude -Cavrdude.conf … Continue reading

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HC-06 Bluetooth module setup

Today I got the “Bluetooth JY-MCU HC-06 RS232 Serial Transceiver Module” I had ordered off eBay. I had documented myself on the set-up process, yet I thought I’d leave some feedback for other people who might be just starting with embedded systems … Continue reading

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Playing around with Arduino and mbed

As code changes to my own projects and framework implementations on different architectures become less and less now that DC2N5-LC is nearly finished, I decided to get my hands on Android, Arduino and the online mbed development toolkits. Android programming resulted … Continue reading

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