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Bonus content for STM32F10x standard peripheral library added to GitHub

UPDATE: I decided to delete the GitHub repository discussed below as the components therein are bound to different licensing agreements that I am not sure I can satisfy all at once. As a matter of fact, I think ST Microelectronics are … Continue reading

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More on STM32Cube and the Standard Peripheral Library

This evening I decided to have a go at flipping the LED on my STM32 board using STM32CubeMX to generate a TrueSTUDIO project. Within the project I decided to use the SysTick timer to implement the “flipping” code. After appreciating … Continue reading

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A few more file system commands added to my USB host replacement

After work I wrote the code for a few additional file system commands in my USB host replacement project: file open, file read, file seek, file close. I also had to make a significant change to the command parser due to … Continue reading

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Playing around with Arduino and mbed

As code changes to my own projects and framework implementations on different architectures become less and less now that DC2N5-LC is nearly finished, I decided to get my hands on Android, Arduino and the online mbed development toolkits. Android programming resulted … Continue reading

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