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My EasyFlash version of “Last Ninja 2” was just published to CSDb here. This release partially delivers what I had planned a while back. Furthermore, the EasyFlash loading system I wrote to put togetherĀ such release was published on GitHub here. … Continue reading

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Yet another little design improvement for Last Ninja 2, level 6

Here’s another of those little design choices that has bothered me for a while. Mind you, it’s just about a few pixels we’re talking about, yet it feels like it could look even better with very little effort šŸ™‚

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One day I’ll get them all fixed and release an updated version

I was looking at Level 6 design files for LN2 this evening when I spotted that there’s also another design issue at this level. This is the room where the rope can be collected.Ā Have a look at the table right … Continue reading

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Thirtieth anniversary coming soon for The Last Ninja C64

AndĀ the community hasn’t yet been able to come up with anything significant in the form of a full sequel. If that’s still the case this time next year, I am pretty sure that even the Budais will be facepalming…

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DC2N4-LC Windows native client and more (including a Last Ninja 2 disk version!)

I’ve finally managed to find some time to get back on the DC2N4-LC client code for Windows that uses the native API instead of using GTK+ 2.x. I had started this project when IĀ first figured out the memory leak issues … Continue reading

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Integrator 2012 discovery – Last Ninja 2

The other day I was looking at the load picture for level 4 in Last Ninja 2, noticing that it’s not properly centred in the screen region where it sits. I started disassembling a bit to see if I could … Continue reading

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More Last Ninja 2 cheating

Almost exactly one year ago I published a POKE to make enemies slower for LN2 level 1. The side-effect of such POKE was that enemies would be more likely to throw shurikens to Armakuni after an evasive action. Well, it’s … Continue reading

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