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TAPClean Front End 0.32 is now available

I had some time to make the Windows builds and publish them on my C64 page. The latest binaries of TAPClean are included as well.

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TAPClean: a few more improvements

As I noticed that the semicolon character in Apollo 18’s block names was creating issues with the generation of PRG filenames, I decided to normalize block names further by replacing non alphanumeric chars with an underscore. In the long term, … Continue reading

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TAPClean: 2 important fixes

TAPClean 0.31-pre2 source code is now available on Sourceforge. Two important fixes were worked at in this preview release: correction to V0 code in unify_pauses correction to the Audiogenic scanner Check the code out with: cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@tapclean.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/tapclean co -P … Continue reading

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How I fixed a DMP file using multiple DMP files

The other day Peepo submitted as few dumps of “Killing Machine”, for which he was having read errors in TAPClean. The restoration was done using two DMP files: DUMP1310.DMP and DUMP1311.DMP.┬áNeither DMP file is 100% healthy, but they show issues … Continue reading

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