Job seekers’ recurring nightmare and the larger issue of unwanted contacts

Being seeking a job myself, I experienced what I would define the recurring nightmare of my job seeker fellows: anybody you’ll be seeing will recommend a CV review. They will do such with a somewhat considerate tone, even if often not well supported by the insecurity of their foreign accent.

If you plan to work abroad, a few agencies might even tell you that recruiters in other countries are used to a different format and will not spend time on anything that does not look as it should.

What a pile of crap, and that’s not just something you would come across when seeking a job: it looks like we are being approached more and more by people without any skill other than being able to stick to a script that doesn’t quite apply to anybody.
“Thank you. May I recommend you go and work for a company that does not do business on the basis of scams?” – that is my answer.

No wonder in 2010 TalkTalk was awarded for having the worst customer service: that’s not just in the ISP industry… This year they also came off worst in Ofcom complaint stats. If you ever had to deal with them, you would know the feeling. During their campaigns it all starts with a foreign accent agent asking to talk to “Mr. <somewhat wrong pronunciation of the customer’s lastname>”.
In the unfortunate event you have to call them, be prepared to go with them through their checklist aimed at verifying you’re not one of the 50 “class 1” idiots in UK for which it is likely that the answer is on the checklist and your question won’t require any extra brain power: they might not have any at the moment. Typical when dealing with call centers abroad that exploit local cheap labour and are provided with little training in order to save running costs even more. Employers would not do any more than that, supported by the fact there’s a huge worker turnover in these areas and often no form of employee loyalty: true, but they’re not doing anything in that respect in the first instance.

About Luigi Di Fraia

I am a Senior DevOps Engineer so I get to work with the latest technologies and open-source software. However, in my private time I enjoy retro-computing.
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