IECHost GUI client version 3.8.4 released

In case you haven’t seen the announcement on my website, version 3.8.4 of the IECHost GUI client is now available within my Software page.

This is a minor release for a few enhancements and bug fixes. Details of the changes are available through the issue tracker.

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More development for the C64 Cartridge Dumper

Yesterday I was checking the cartridge dumps I was sent by Matt for “Double Dragon” and “Space Gun”. As things don’t add up with the dumps, I decided to try and get either cartridge on eBay.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find either for sale, therefore I bought “Shadow of the Beast” instead. My hope is that the latter uses the same bank selection circuitry as the former two, so that I can shed some light on it and ensure it’s supported in C64 Cartridge Dumper.

Shadow of the Beast cartridge by Luigi Di Fraia
Shadow of the Beast cartridge

The moment of clarity I had yesterday was around the way to classify Ocean cartridges. At the moment, I came up with a simple criterion:

  • “Ocean type A” uses two chips (either one enabled with ROML or ROMH)
  • “Ocean type B” uses a single chip (enabled with ROML)

This is now reflected in my LUA scripts for Ocean cartridges too.

I will post an update once I get “Shadow of the Beast” delivered and tested. Stay tuned!

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DC2N5-LC: mods for the official plastic enclosure

As I was playing around with OpenSCAD, I decided to create a programmatic template for the modifications I used to do to the injection molded enclosure for DC2N5-LC a while back.

Here’s what the modifications look like (the volume to be taken away is shown in yellow):

DC2N5-LC modifications I used to make by Luigi Di Fraia
DC2N5-LC modifications I used to make

Such template has no other value than helping me keep a record of what my modifications consisted in. I am afraid the end design is not something that can be 3D printed.

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DC2N5-LC: 3D printed case for PCB version 1.1

A while ago I shared Nina Richard’s design files of a 3D-printable case for the DC2N5-LC PCB version 1.0.

This evening I was playing around with OpenSCAD and I thought to write a snippet that adapts the above mentioned design to DC2N5-LC PCB version 1.1. Once I finished, this is what it looked like:


    union() {
        import("DC2N5-LC rev 1.0 - Base.stl");

        translate ([-10, 5, 28.5]) cube([10, 10, 2]);
    translate ([-7, 11, 28.5]) linear_extrude(2) circle(2.7);

In short, what the above code does is to fill in the existing hole for the “Reset counter” button and create one a few millimeters further away from the group of buttons for “Up” / “Down” / “Select”.

Here’s what the design looks like once rendered:

DC2N5-LC OpenSCAD snippet to adapt to PCB rev 1.1 by Luigi Di Fraia
DC2N5-LC OpenSCAD snippet to adapt to PCB version 1.1

Although I have not tried to 3D print the final design, I am pretty confident that the resulting case would be a good fit for PCB version 1.1 🙂

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IECHost case

It’s been a while since Tomse shared the news with me, so I am finally glad to share them with my readers: project files of a 3D printable case for the IECHost device (PCB version 1.2) are available on Thingiverse.

Bear in mind that the exact location of the USB port depends on the height at which the Pro-Micro board has been mounted on the main PCB. Tomse offers two files, one for an higher and one for a lower mounted board. However, I recommend you do actually take a few measurements before 3D printing your case!

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Finally there

Happy New Year everybody!

As the maintenance works at the flat where I live have been completed, I was able to get back to living in it. I am still sorting out my belongings, which needed moving around, but so far I have been able to find everything I was looking for. I should be able to get back in my own routine by the last week of January now.

Should things go well, I will try to address the number of emails I got from my contacts, especially the ones around adding support to new loaders in TAPClean. Apologies if I haven’t been responsive on the subject, but I needed to get a number of things behind, before I was able to focus on such a delicate topic as tape preservation.

I also plan to do another release of the IECHost GUI client software and I am now available to ship my devices/kits once again.

Stay tuned for more!

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Further update

An update following my previous post: I have now relocated to another flat. Although things aren’t ideal, I can get on with my job and life pretty unimpaired.
However, I haven’t got my development PC with me so I won’t be available to develop anything between now and the last week of January, when I plan to move back to my previous flat.

I shall take the chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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